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We dedicate ourselves to help our community to learn life skills such as discipline, respect and confidence. I would like to remind you that we have limited space, so if you plan to register your child, please act now. For your information, the school operates all year long, except for Christmas holidays and on statutory holidays. We also register students regularly all the time and anytime.

Amazing Regina kids Tae Kwon Do class not only teaches kids self defense but, gives them the tools they need for success in life.

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Build Your Child's Confidence

From focusing, to goal setting, to self-discipline,to self-respect and kids emerge from this program changed for the better. And their parents couldn't be happier.

We love Tae Kwon Do

If you have a child, he or she may try out for free with no obligation. Since we have limited space, please phone us for an appointment so we can arrange a free orientation, free lessons and an assessment.